“Asari-Toru – Our people will learn what is takes to attract and multiply wealth to create trans-generational prosperity.”
Yesterday the Accord Guber Roadshow was in Buguma, my grand maternal home, and I had the privilege to formally share my ambition to run for governor of Rivers State with my family. The streets were filled of joyous men, women and children celebrating their son, Accord and reaching out for an identity, an Accord Face-cap.

It was an emotional experience for me, being that I was once like the kids I saw running the streets with excitement and cheering. My heart was gladdened for the reception at the Accord party secretariat in Asari-Toru, I was gifted some of the sweetest fish in Kalabari.

Asari-Toru Local Government Area holds a special place in my heart, being home to me, and as the saying goes “charity begins at home”. The prosperity of my people is very dear to my heart. I keep doing as much as God’s grace can afford me to do, but truth be told the people of Asari-Toru deserve a real prosperity plan that works. The level of poverty I see, regardless the true potential of our LGA is troubling. Asari-Toru is set for the level of economic advancement that will attract world investors and tourists.

It is time we take advantage of our unique positioning for our economic advancement as a LGA. Asari Toru’s geographical location positions it strategically to capture the potential spill-over effects from the Accord led economic revival of its neighbors. This is because we are bounded to the west by Akuku-Toru, to the south-east by Degema, to the north-west by Emohua, to the north-central by Obio/Akpor, and to the north-east by Port Harcourt.

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Our prosperity plan for Asari-Toru will start with prioritizing the construction of a road connecting Buguma to the Soku-Okrika-Port Harcourt Expressway. We have planned to build the Soku Energy City, thus this connecting road will bring considerable benefits from and also attract significant commercial activities to Asari-Toru LGA.

We are so blessed with gifts of seafoods, with over 200 species of fish in our waters yet to be explored. Therefore, in our path to ensure Asari-Toru reaches its full potential in our quest to grow our economy as a state, out next major prosperity project will be the revival and expansion of the Buguma Fish farms.

With the increase in capacity of the seafood industry in Asari-Toru, will come the need for broader fishing, processing and preservation systems. When we form government, we will promote these activities in Asari-Toru, including aquaculture, mariculture, farming of crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, crayfish, shrimps, prawns) and molluscs (octopi, squids, snails, scallops, oysters, periwinkles), and their processing and preservation.

This will open up avenues for our people to get better skills and create more international opportunities in the seafood market.
Beyond the advantage of growing the marine economy of the LGA; the Accord led government will ensure that the potentials in the areas of wildlife and forestry resources, as well as tourism, will be leveraged to provide income for Asari-Toru LGA as a means of boosting economic activities, advertising the wealth of our lands and culture and also creating countless jobs.

I specially thank my friend and brother, the Amayanabo of Okpo, Chief Diamond Tobin-West, and the host of Kalabari Chiefs that came out to receive Us. It was truly inspiring to see this level of support from my people. I am honoured. I call on our royal fathers to hold me accountable for the prosperity of the next generation of Kalabari youths. I promise a sea of opportunities so our people will learn what is takes to attract and multiply wealth to create trans-generational prosperity.

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Asari-Toru, thank you for warming my heart yesterday.
Thank you for trusting your own.

I promise, Dumo will do More.
Tell someone about Accord today,
Vote Dumo to Do More!!

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