You Rejected All My Shows For No Reason – YBNLPrincess Calls Out Olamide

Temmie Ovwasa popularly known as YBNLPrincess has said that her former boss Olamide rejected all her shows for no reason, Igbere TV reports.

The 24-year-old made this statement in a tweet on Monday.

“Omo, it’s YBNL thinking that I’m going to keep quiet after they bleeped be over for nearly 5 years, My voice may not be loud but I fit shout,” she wrote.

“You don’t give a person hope & snatch it from them. Olamide Adedeji, I will always have your name in my mouth. Silence is not my language.”

In another tweet she said the ‘Bobo’ crooner brought her to Lagos from Ilorin for almost five years without allowing her to drop any song for three years.

“@Olamide How the Bleep do you keep a child you brought to Lagos all the way from ilorin in a house for almost 5 years without allowing her drop anything for 3 years,” she said.

“You rejected all my shows for no fucking reason. And I was nothing but grateful because at least I dey YBNL.”

On December 3 Temmie revealed she was no longer a member of the YBNL record label.

Temmie was signed to the YBNL nation in 2016.

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