Fake life has continued to spread like wildfire among the younger generation; thanks to the presumed competition and oppression in society. As a result, many youths do not know how to measure their real worth; but Bros Effizy has the solution.

Bros Effizy is the Deputy General Manager of a fast-growing record label, Ice Nation. The veteran manager who also sees himself as a businessman, brand influencer, and author has been assisting in managing the record label and its CEO since 2017.

It is not surprising to see a personality like Bro Effizy show interest in such a controversial issue like fake life since he surely will have to do with many youths indulging in the activity regularly. Obviously, he has had enough and decided to share his thoughts as he took to his Twitter to drop the following piece of advice;

“If you want to know who you really are, check your pocket, that is who you are.”

When you deeply think about the tweet, will notice that Bros Effizy is particular about financial status here since the real identity of a person can be defined through several factors. Nonetheless, financial status is a key metric.
What remains in your pocket is actually what you own since your gorgeous outfits and expensive watches may not belong to you. Moreover, these items are temporary and wear out as time passes. It is really funny how people prioritize their looks and not their net worth. Therefore your looks do not define who you truly are, but what you have in your pocket does.

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You may be thinking that a millionaire would not keep his millions in his pocket, but know that he will have at least one (1) ATM card to access his funds. So, it is still logical to call him a millionaire when he checks his pocket. The issue here is that would you still be considered that rich guy when you check your pocket or before a mirror?

The tweet is a reminder of how lost we are and the need to retrace our steps. Knowing who we are is important for us to succeed. Now that you have been reminded to rediscover yourself in your pocket, we hope you stay away from living a fake life.

In case you are interested in knowing more about Ice Nation Records, you can quickly go through the brief details below:

Ice Nation is owned by Ebosetale Innocent, popularly known as I-CENT. The label aims to provide music lovers with good vibes and so far, artists from Ice Nation have released some hit songs including some Pan African Hits such as Robo Featuring Nigerian Talented Rapper, Olamide, Hello, Odo, Amore, Teddy bear, and Many More.

You can follow the label through its official social media pages
@IceNationRecords to link up with them. You can also link up with Bros Effizy @BrosEffizy on all major social platforms.

Do not forget the theme of the tweet and discover who you truly are. Also, remember to share with us your opinion about the tweet and if truly the worth of people can be seen through their pockets.

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