DMW heir apparent, Mayorkun has reportedly exited the record label according to the information reaching our desk at the
Superloaded HQ.
Although no official statement has been released from both parties (Mayorkun & DMW) regarding the exiting of the record label contract between them, we guess it wants to be made private.
If Mayorkun decided to exit DMW at this time is something that should cause animosity between Davido and Mayorkun. Yoruba already said 20 children can’t play for 20 years.

However, there have been some clandestine signs that have made a whole lot believe Mayorkun left DMW.

The speculations about the Mayor of Lagos leaving DMW have been on the rise since he released his first single of the year, “Let Me Know” and it wasn’t released under the DMW imprint rather it was released under Sony Music.

The music “Let Me Know” was only shared on Mayorkun‘s YouTube page, whereas a female artist, Liya also released a song and has been promoted on the DMW YouTube page.

On Davido‘s part, he only put out one tweet about the song and also shared it on his Instagram story.

So unlike him, we know how hard Davido used to go out for his gang member when any of them drop a new single and the way he did on Mayorkun’s “Let Me Know” is so suspicious.

Yes. You can tell that Mayorkun is no longer contractually obligated to Davido or DMW.

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There are already more than enough signs pointing us to that already – sit back as we take you on the whole signs we noticed too.

Firstly we’re going to see the changes in the Copyright owners of Mayorkun’s releases when with DMW and now it appears that the contract has expired.

Looking at “Betty Butter” Mayorkun’s signing out song of the year 2020, if you check the Copyright owner you will see clearly it was owned by Davido Music Worldwide (DMW).

It’s like the exiting from DMW and joining Sony Music contributed to Mayorkun’s slow start of 2021 musically, cause it takes many months before Mayorkun dropped his 2021 debut track “Let Me Know“.

Looking at the Copyright owner of “Let Me Know” it was owned by Sony Music West Africa and not DMW anymore – at this point the secret transitioning happened, at first it wasn’t so clear with the first song, and the “Back In Office” dropped and it was also copyrighted to “Sony Music”

At this point, there’s no more doubt as to if Mayorkun has left Davido’s DMW or not.

Using Personal life scenario self – When was the last time you see Davido and Mayorkun together? We all remember how much they’re close and how often they appear in the same place all the time.

Checking some of Mayorkun‘s recent pictures on Instagram, you will notice the 30 Billion Gang emblem pendant is no longer on Mayorkun’s neck – Mayor is no longer repping anything that has to do with DMW again.

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Checking is Instagram bio – there’s nothing like 30BG or DMW there anymore – Although this has changed some months back before Mayorkun’s even dropped his first song of the year.

When I first noticed it, I thought it was just this their normal lifestyle of making the Insta Bio to be as simple and neat as possible – Never knew something supped.

All this only points to one fact which is; as at 2021, Mayorkun is no longer a DMW artist.

Of course, they’re not gonna announce his exit, and why would they? There was no clash and even if there was, it’s best kept a secret.

After all, Davido is the biggest artist in Africa, and everything Mayorkun has, he got it from The Best, Davido.

Well, the big question is �
Do You Think Mayorkun Can Still His Stardom Without Davido In The Picture?

Is Leaving DMW A Very Good Decision For Mayorkun?
Let’s hear from you…

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